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  • Main vocal
  • Favourite Band: Girls Generation, 4Minute, Kara
  • Favourite Singer: ???
  • Favourite Song: ???
  • Hobbies: Singen

Simply our best voice!~2Vader


  • Lead Vocal, Lead Rapper, Sound editing, Lyricist
  • Favourite Band:  Goosehouse, BigBang, Wu Yue Tian, Sodagreen, Epik High
  • Favourite Singer: YUI, Jay Chou,
  • Favourite Song: Various Asian songs, JRPGs orchestral songs
  • Hobbies: Fußball, Abmischen, Zeichnen, Lesen
  • A tomboy with a unique voice, though still afar from being any good in singing.

She’s the Joker ! ~ 2Vader


  • Main Rapper, Lyricist, Composer, Admin
  • Favourite Band: Beyond, Mayday, B2st, Big Bang, Monkey Majik
  • Favourite Singer: Guang Liang, Angela Aki, Yui
  • Favourite Song: Tong Hua, Tegami, Fiction, Hoi Foot Tin Hung
  • Hobby: Sport, Zeichnen, Komponieren
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  • Singer, Rapper, Composer
  • Favourite Singer: Tae Yang, Chris Brown, Jason Derulo, Nicky Romero
  • Favourite Band: Big Bang, B2st, U-Kiss
  • Favourite Song: Various, alles mögliche
  • Hobbies: Musik komponieren, Instrumente spielen/ lernen, Sport

The man for all the music theory questions! ~2Vader


  • Singer, Designer
  • Favourite Singer: ???
  • Favourite Band: 2NE1
  • Favourite Song: A guide to marine life, OSTs
  • Hobbies: Zeichnen, Photoshop, Musik hören
  • Lieblingsfarbe: Hellblau

Nice head voice, should sing more often! ~2Vader